"The Lords Prayer" Necklace

Metal Color

Carry These Powerful Words of Prayer Everywhere You Go

The Lord’s Prayer is very important to Christians because it teaches us how to pray. This prayer also provides us with comfort, guidance, and reassurance. The Lord’s Prayer is also known as the “Perfect Prayer” because it was what Jesus taught to his disciples when they ask Him how they should pray.

Wouldn’t be amazing to wear these powerful words around your neck every day? “The Lord’s Prayer” Necklace is the perfect way to share your faith and prayer with everyone!

Made of stainless steel that is robust and will not tarnish or rust easily. Easy to maintain and ideal for long-lasting wear. Eco-friendly, and anti-allergy.

A great way to share this powerful prayer and your faith anywhere you go.

Perfect for birthdays, graduations, and any holiday or special occasion.

Pendant Size: 34.5mm x 50.5mm

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